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West Essex Building Supply was founded in 1937 by Edward C. Schneider. He had a vision for servicing the expanding communities in Essex County. Edward’s sons, Richard and Bob, became actively involved with the organization after serving in the military. Richard in the Marines, and Bob in the Navy.

Until the death of Edward Schneider in 1978, all three were active in the operations of West Essex Building Supply. The “West Essex” communities were growing rapidly at this point, and the company was a highly regarded business, known for their personal service, high quality building materials, and the experience of their employees.


Currently, Bob’s son Chip Schneider, and daughter Kim Conley, are co-owners of the business. Along with their spouse’s taking an active roll in the business, Kim’s husband Joe and Chip’s wife Patti, they also have retained many of the employees that were with West Essex at the time when Richard and Bob were still actively involved.


Currently, the fourth generation is now employed as well, Kim’s son Joe Jr. and Chips son John. West Essex Building Supply is, and always will be, managed the same way it was  back in 1937, with personal service, quality building materials, and a tremendous knowledge of the industry.

West Essex Building Supply

40 Depot Street

Verona, NJ. 07044



973-239-5305 (Fax)


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Weekdays 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Saturdays 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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