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Marvin Windows & Doors

Marvn Windows and Doors
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Although the sash in many old double hung windows are worn
out, the frames and trim are often in good condition. The Marvin
Tilt Pac® saves you time and money by letting you replace only
the parts that need replacing. It also reduces installation costs.

Wood or clad Tilt Pacs are available in residential, Magnum,
Double and Single Hung Historic window types. And, the same
devotion to quality and construction present in our Tilt Double
Hung is also present in the Tilt Pac.

Casemaster units may be the basic building blocks of
windows, but that doesn't mean they have to look basic. The
Marvin Casemaster offers a whole new level of beauty in a
window that's also wonderfully functional. The Casemaster
cranks out smoothly for ventilation as well as effortless
cleaning. And its superior design makes it ideal for
producing multiple assemblies like bows, bays, pictures and
your own combinations. Whether you select Marvin's wood
or clad wood version, the Casemaster interior is all clear
wood...and a lot of it.

Marvin's Made To Order manufacturing process allows you
to order the Casemaster, Awning and Picture units in more
than 100 standard sizes as well as custom sizes.

The double hung window is still the window of choice for
many homeowners. And at Marvin, our Tilt Double Hungs
are Made For You..

Remember, Made To Order doesn't mean expensive. And it
doesn't necessarily mean custom. It means we can build a
window to fit your needs - precisely. For instance, we can
build our Tilt Double Hungs to fit existing openings - great
for remodeling or restoration projects.

Available in over 126 competitively priced standard sizes,
the Tilt can fill building, replacing or remodeling needs.
Enhance them with options like authentic divided lites,
simulated divided lites or removable interior grilles.

Both sash operate for ventilation. They also tilt into a room
for easy cleaning - without having to remove the screen. The
durable pivot pin is made of zinc instead of nylon to resist
wear and corrosion, tilt after tilt.

The sash lock is made of steel and zinc and is available in
three different finishes: white, bronze (standard) and brass

Marvin's clad Tilt is designed for low maintenance and
durability. Four exterior finishes are standard and include:
white, Bahama Brown, Pebble Gray, Evergreen and
Medium Bronze. The interior is natural wood. Or, it can
come primed from the factory.

Adding a bay is one of the most popular ways to give your
room more light and space without adding square footage.
They lend charm and beauty to any room. And they are
ideal for creating eating nooks, bath surrounds and mini

When it comes to bay windows, Marvin really does have all
the angles and it's because our bays are Made To Order.
The side units of a Marvin bay window can be set at your
choice of 30, 45, 60 or 90 degree angles to achieve any
look you desire.

And, once you've chosen the angle, we can build bay
windows in an endless variety of sizes. We've even made
bays as large as 12 feet high. Remember, our bays are
Made To Order to fit your needs.

Our bay windows are available with either picture,
casement, awning or double hung operating units. All
provide the quality and energy efficient features you have
come to expect from Marvin.

A box bay may be traditional. But who said bays had to
have three sides? At Marvin, we make bays with two sides
too, and sometimes one side is longer than the other. We can
make them out of fixed or operating casements, double
hungs and awnings. We can even make them with curved
glass. Marvin Bays allow you to reach out into the sunlight
and allow you to add texture or a design element to a

Marvin's French door system is a masterpiece of classic
architecture. Its tall bottom rails and wide center stiles
authenticate the true French door style. Both panels swing
open for a grand, wide entrance. And whether wood or
clad, inswing or outswing, Marvin's French door is a
complete system. So you know all the parts will work

Heavy foam-filled weatherstripping is applied around the
entire frame and at the astragal for an air-tight seal. Optional
Low E II glass and Argon gas reduce heating and cooling
costs. French doors are available in four standard heights
(up to eight feet) and a surprising variety of widths. Custom
heights are also available. Extras include transoms, sidelites
or non-operating stationary panels. Wood inswing French
doors can be ordered with combination storms and screens
that are designed to be consistent with the French panels.
The screen and storm panels interchange seasonally to
provide ventilation and increase thermal efficiency. To
increase usable interior space, there's the Marvin Outswing
French door. Outswing French doors feature 4" exterior
hinges, two of which have non-removable pins for security.
Hinges on the Outswing French door are made of solid
brass for added durability. Marvin also manufactures clad
French doors, both inswing and outswing. Clad French
doors feature extruded aluminum cladding for high durability
and low exterior maintenance.

Marvin's Arch Top French door has the traditional features
of Marvin's French door, with an elegant curved top. The
arch top door is available in both inswing and outswing
versions. Stiles and rails match traditional French door sight
lines. Add divided lites for extra flourish. If you are looking
for an option to complement existing French doors or would
like to add a dramatic accent to a room, consider the Arch
Top French door.

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